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About Us

Welcome to Arawan Thai Massage and Spa

About us

We’ve launched our spa in the late 2020 during the pandemic and based in Stoke Newington, London, N16 7PA. We’re proud to be the first place offering Thai Massage in this area particularly Stoke Newington.

Our mission at Arawan is simple but strong. We’re absolutely determined to give you a better look after for your physical and mental health by offering the ultimate massage experience in a nurturing and relaxing environment.

We proudly present our well-experienced and qualified staff as well as the nice and clean venue to make you feel the most comfortable as you’re home so you could rest assured and put your mind at ease that you’re in a good hand.

We take great pride in who we are, and will always do our best to offer the best massage experience for you.

So far, we’ve received a warm welcome and nice feedback from everyone in Stokey since the opening which supports us to keep up our excellent performance.

If you’re looking for a nice and relaxing treat in a calm and comfortable setting to restore your body and mind, we’re always here and more than happy to serve your needs.

You can check out our services and prices here or contact us for any enquiries here.